Sealed Inflatable Tents


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Promotional Design Group is one of the leaders in the field of Air Tight and Sealed Inflatables and Pneumatic Inflatable Tents has been in the forefront of cutting edge technology and we continue to forge ahead as one of the leaders in the field of Air Tight and Sealed Inflatables and Pneumatic Inflatable Tents.

Promotional Design Group has been specializing in the construction and designing of Air Tight Inflatable Tents for Emergency and Disaster Relief for more than 24 years.

Pneumatic Inflatable Tents or better known as Sealed Inflatable Tents have been around since the early 1900’s and were used during World War I and World War II but were considered very unreliable because of the welding technique used then which were sealed with adhesives.  With the latest in sealing technology (R.F Welding & Heat Sealing) and improvements in materials, Air Tight Inflatable Tents have become much more reliable and can sustain higher pressures than ever before.



PDG has been committed to the research, development and construction of Sealed Inflatable Tents and Structures for almost 24 years. 

Many of our Pneumatic Inflatable Tents have been used for many purposes such as, Emergency Relief, Disaster Relief and temporary shelters for the Department of Defense, Fire Departments, Police Departments and Rescue Units throughout the United States.  Air Tight Inflatable Tents are more commonly being used for Event Marketing as well.

All airtight tents are equipped with pressure relief valves to prevent over inflation during inflation or during hot temperatures. 

Creative Inflatables uses a series of bladders along with a Frame Cover in which the bladders are placed inside a skin cover


Typically Fire Department Tents and Canopies were mainly used for emergency shelters and as storage facilities

We offer many sizes of Sealed Inflatable Tents from 6ft. wide up to 50’ in width with lengths up to as long as 200ft.