Our Inflatable Tents Are A Cool Pick For Parties and Promotions

Want to ensure you get the hottest tent available for your next event? The tent that is quite literally ‘blowing up’ the scene and demanding to be noticed? We think our Inflatable Tents just might be what you’re looking for! Ready to be customized with your choice of colors and logo, these tents take a cool shape and generous size and up the wow factor even more by adding a certain ‘air’ to the situation!


Party Time!

Will you be using your Inflatable Tent at a party? There are tons of fun and festive ways to get guests interested in what’s going on inside! Just a few ways our customers have built our inflatable tents into their celebratory situation is to use the tent as a gaming area, a refreshment area, and a dance area.

If your party has a lot of children on the guest list, they can play all kinds of games inside the tent more safely than the general outdoor setting might allow for, from tag to a beanbag toss. If your party will boast a bar or an extensive selection of foods, an inflatable tent can serve as a clean, covered area for your drinks and delicacies. Want to create your own dance club? You can do that, too! Just turn up the tunes and add a disco ball and some lights. An instant, inflatable party is at your fingertips with one of these custom tents.

Perfect For Promotions!

Will your company be vying for the attention of attendants at an upcoming concert or fair? Adding an Inflatable Tent to your marketing campaign is a solid step to take toward getting noticed.

Consider the average age of your target market as well as the temperature when choosing your tent. Consider graphics that will appeal to your customer, as well as perks you can pack inside your tent to help gather more interest. Is it a particularly warm day? Set up some fans and offer free bottles of water. Will you be providing promotional items to those that stop by? Again, consider the setting and situation. If the weather forecast is calling for rain, free ponchos with your company’s logo are sure to be more popular than notepads. Our Inflatable Tents will help you capture an audience, but keeping your audience engaged is up to you. Hey, we can’t do everything!