Stand Out Under a 10 x 20 Canopy

Do you want a sprawling tent for your promotional appearance, but find that you’re always stuck with ten feet of frontage for your booth?  Think laterally, and consider a 10 x 20 canopy to stake out extra territory in another direction.


A 10 x 20 canopy is an excellent solution for trade shows, conventions, festivals and any other public event your company attends.  At, putting your logo on a tent or canopy is our specialty, and we’ve been doing it for decades with rave reviews from our customers.
In our new Los Angeles facility, we have forty thousand square feet devoted to designing and manufacturing custom event marketing products for businesses of every size and industry.  We use state of the art equipment and processes to ensure that our tents have crisp, clear color and long-lasting durability.  We stand behind the 10 x 20 canopy you stand under, which is why our tents and canopies are each covered by a three year warranty.


We create the vibrant hue on your 10 x 20 canopy by using dye sublimation, which uses the power of heat to transfer color directly to the print surface without becoming liquid.  The result is high quality color that lasts, which won’t run or fade easily.


From concept to completion, your 10 x 20 canopy is custom made for you by our expert team with an eye toward capturing your brand’s signature style, using your logo and graphics to catch the eye of passersby. Even if you aren’t looking for a tent or 10 x 20 canopy, Tents With Logos can create an array of different promo items for you, like banners, table covers and even umbrellas – each held to the same high standards as our tents and canopies.

Our promotional products are perfect for festivals, conventions, trade shows, bazaars and any other outdoor or indoor event your business attends.


To get a quote on a custom 10 x 20 canopy today, call Promotional Design Group at (626) 579-1772 or email