Rhino Heavy Duty EZ Up Canopies: Perfect For Outdoor Events

When you’re promoting your business at an outdoor event, you can’t afford to sacrifice on quality, which is why TentsWithLogos.com is proud to carry Rhino Heavy Duty EZ Up Canopies. These durable yet affordable solutions for outdoor promotional events are absolutely essential for any business owner who wants to be able to set up a display in a flash and keep that display going all day without being affected by the elements. Too many canopies just don’t deliver. Let TentsWithLogos.com show you how a sturdy promotional tent can perform under pressure by shopping our selection of Rhino Heavy Duty EZ Up Canopies.

Made to last with a super strong anodized aluminum alloy (T-6 6061) construction, these EZ UP canopies are designed to perform under the pressures of wind, rain, and heavy usage, which makes them a great fit for anyone who finds themselves often promoting at an outdoor event. All Rhino Heavy Duty EZ Up Canopies also feature aluminum connectors in place of traditional plastic, which means you get extra protection and stability for your promotional tent without having to worry about connectors breaking or being lost in the shuffle. Finally, a solution to those pesky plastic connectors!

With a strong construction all around, it’s no wonder so many business owners turn to our selection of Rhino Heavy Duty EZ Up Canopies when they need to get the job done. But what about style? Can these promotional tents still communicate your business’ message in style? Absolutely.


At TentsWithLogos.com, our Rhino Heavy Duty EZ Up Canopies come with the ability to be completely customized with your business colors and logo so that there’s no question that this tent belongs to you. There’s no risk of being seen as generic, and no chance of being confused with another business. Rhino Heavy Duty EZ Up Canopies make it easier than ever for your business to be seen and remembered at outdoor promotional events.


Get your Heavy Duty EZ Up Canopies by Rhino today at TentsWithLogos.com!