Promote Your Business With a 10x10 Canopy

The best way to get the word out about your brand is to take your brand and get it out – outside, that is. Even the most eye-catching logo isn’t doing much good if nobody sees it.  So when you participate in community events or trade shows, promote your business more effectively by using a 10 x 10 canopy bearing your logo where everyone can see it.  

At Tents With Logos, we specialize in taking corporate logos or personal messages and putting them on a 10 x 10 canopy, creating an attractive design and achieving maximum visibility. Our clients include sports teams, famous beer brands like Heineken, car manufacturers, big box retailers, video game publishers, and even small local businesses. We manufacture custom tents with logos in a variety of sizes and shapes for any industry.

A 10 x 10 canopy is ideal for promoting your business during the summer. Every summer is full of street festivals, bazaars, picnics, outdoor concerts, fireworks displays and more.  Your business can play an active role in these events in a variety of ways.
Sponsoring an event is a smart way to get maximum exposure for your company’s logo and is sure to grab you a spot on a 10 x 10 canopy or tent. Some larger events may even permit sponsoring a specific area, like a press tent, or a tent housing one attraction.

Provide something useful – food or beverages are always welcome, but other merchandise could be a great fit as well, depending on the event in question.  Coordinate with the event promoter and then bring along your own professional, personalized 10 x 10 canopy.

Promotional Design Group has been manufacturing custom branded tents and canopies for twenty years and is one of the leaders in its industry.   Even if you don’t need a tent or a canopy, we can also create storefront promotional materials and other promotional items.  We stand behind each product we make, from a 10 x 10 canopy to a 40 x 200 tent. To reflect that commitment, each tent and canopy top comes with a generous three year warranty.



To order a 10 x 10 canopy featuring your company’s logo, contact us today at (626) 579-1772!