Misting Tents Keep Your Patrons Comfortable


Is your business the kind that likes to do things outdoors? Do you often have special events in your parking lot or courtyard? Do your patrons love to spend time in the sunshine? If so, then it's important to remember that when those temperatures start to rise, you have to be prepared. Heat can be incredibly dangerous for your customers, no matter what their ages. So, to be prepared on those hot days, you must take some extra precaution. Take the first step by offering a cool place for your patrons to go when they've had enough of the sun and sweltering temperatures.

Misting Tents

At TentsWithLogos.com, we carry Misting Tents that are perfect for providing your patrons with a place to cool down on a hot day while ensuring that they stay close to your business. Able to be set up in your parking lot or near your building with ease, these tents provide a gentle mist of water in a shaded tent which can provide your patrons with a refreshing escape from the rising temperatures.


Besides being a way to show courtesy to event attendees or patrons, Misting Tents are also a matter of public safety. High temperatures mean higher risk for things like heat stroke and heat exhaustion. By providing your patrons with a safe haven, you’re actually helping to protect them from problems associated with the heat. As a result, your patrons feel much more comfortable at the event, not to mention, more refreshed thanks to the care and consideration of your business! It’s that care and consideration that will make your business stick out in their minds.


Make Misting Tents part of your outdoor promotional plan and ensure that your guests stay safe, cool, and comfortable when those temperatures start to rise. TentsWithLogos.com offers misting tents that can be customized with your business’ colors and logo so that your misting station is always memorable. Get yours today at TentsWithLogos.com!