Misting Stations Protect Your Guests from Heat


Heat can be dangerous, especially during outdoor events. Festivals, fairs, bazaars, charity run/walks, or even promotional events can all pose certain risks to attendees if there’s not proper precaution taken. Rising temperature also means rising risk of things like heat exhaustion and stroke, and if you find your event being held in an area that doesn’t provide much relief, then it’s important to take on some responsibility and do something better for event attendees.


Misting Stations are a practical solution to the problem of heat. These durable, unique promotional tents are designed to spray a gentle mist of water on whoever passes through them, which gives your guests a better chance at staying safe and comfortable in the hot weather.  Plus, when you choose to get custom misting stations through TentsWithLogos.com, you can be sure that your business gets the attention it deserves!

Misting Stations

Our Misting Stations can be customized with your business’ colors and logos so that there’s no chance of mistaking that your business cares about the safety and welfare of its customers – end of story. With that kind of reputation backing your business, who wouldn’t want to partake in your products or invest in your services? The bottom line is that event attendees will notice when a business takes a special interest in their safety and wellbeing. As a result, they’ll see the courtesy of a misting station as a way for your business to give back while showing just how much it cares. Trust us – there’s no greater promotional message than your business caring about its customers!


Make sure that event attendees can stay cool, safe, and comfortable during a hot outdoor event by providing them with Misting Stations featuring your logo and colors. It’s one of the most memorable ways to promote your business during the hot summer months while showing off your care and consideration for each and every potential, current, and future customer.