Expand With a 20 x 20 Canopy


If a five or ten foot square is starting to feel cramped, it might be time for your business to spread its wings and grow. Expand under the spacious cover of a 20 x 20 canopy from Promotional Design Group.


TentsWithLogos.com is our website’s name because that’s our passion and specialty – custom tents and canopies branded with graphics and/or your corporate logo. Branding a canopy with your unique logo is a great way to make your logo more visible and by extension attract more browsers and customers to your booth.  And with a 20 x 20 canopy, that’s even more square footage to put your logo on!


A 20 x 20 canopy is a great option for representing your business at conventions, trade shows, festivals, bazaars, picnics or any other outdoor (or indoor) event.  Its generous size easily accommodates foot traffic while still giving you plenty of room to store your merchandise or promotional swag while offering shelter and shade to yourself and your visitors.


Each tent that we manufacture at Promotional Design Group is custom made to your specifications every step of the way, from design to completion.  We make our tents and canopies in our new forty thousand square foot manufacturing facility in Los Angeles, and proudly ship our products all around the world.


We color your 20 x 20 canopy using Dye Sublimation technology. This process ensures a long lasting, high quality color transfer via heat.  We handle the printing for your project using Large Format Digital Printing technology, ideal for tents, banners and billboards.


Promotional Design Group makes more than just tents or a 20 x 20 canopy – we offer a full range of promotional items like table covers, banners, inflatables in custom shapes, billboards and even umbrellas. Our ability to produce event marketing items is limited only by your imagination!

We’re so sure that our products will stand the test of time that your 20 x 20 canopy is covered by a three year warranty, just like all of our tents and canopies. We keep you covered in more ways than one!



For a quote on a 20 x 20 canopy today, contact us at (626) 579-1772 or email info@tentswithlogos.com.