EZ Up Tent:  Ideal for a New Band

Are you a musician in a new band?  Do you like to shred the ax or bust a groove on bass?  Do you like to wail on the mic or crank out sick beats on the drums?  Then all we can say is:  Rock on!  We also may be able to help you out.  As a new band you're going to need to play a lot of gigs to get yourself noticed.  Gigs can happen at any place and any time, and you never know when one of your gigs might land you outside.  For situations such as these, we recommend an EZ Up tent to help keep your band and everyone’s equipment safe.

Protect Your Equipment

If your band is new, you probably don't have a lot of funds, and band equipment certainly isn't cheap.  That's why we would hate to see you playing at an outdoor wedding or party when a rogue thunderstorm shows up out of nowhere and dumps water all over your electrical equipment. This is not only dangerous to you and your band mates, but can destroy all of your equipment as well as presenting an electrical hazard. If you set yourself up inside an EZ Up Tent, you and your equipment will be protected from the elements, giving you a chance to unplug and pack up under cover.


If you are a new band, odds are that you still don't have a roadie.  Patience ladies and gents, one will come in time – you've got to earn your stripes! But until you do, you can use an EZ Up Tent to give you the sensation of having a roadie.  Assembling these tents is both quick and easy.  You can put them together right before your set, and take them down as soon as you're done.  It's not a huge hassle, which is great if you're planning on saving some time to mingle with the crowd after your show.

Promote Yourselves

When you order an EZ Up Tent from TentsWithLogos.com, you have the option of placing a logo on the tent.  How awesome would it look if while you're jamming, anyone walking by sees your logo on the tent you are playing under?  It is a great advertising opportunity that also helps instill confidence and pride in the whole band.