EZ UP Canopy:  Wonderful For Outdoor Weddings

Are you in the process of planning the perfect wedding?  If so, we'd first like to say congratulations and we wish you the best of luck in your future life together!  But we have one little question: Where are you planning on holding this wedding and reception?  Most weddings take place inside, which is traditional and can be quite beautiful. However, if you are getting married in the summer, it can become hot and humid very quickly indoors, leaving guests uncomfortable and the bride feverishly fixing her melting makeup.  Why not take the chance to have a wedding under the sun, and eventually the stars, that you'll always remember? What about a nice outdoor wedding?  If an outdoor wedding is something you'd consider, you might also want to think about an EZ Up canopy. 

Canopies Are Perfect For Parties

An EZ Up Canopy is ideal for a wedding that is held outside.  For starters, they are simple to assemble as most of the hardware is already in place.  Just a few minor movements and adjustments and you have an instant tent.  And they come down just as easily.  For the actual wedding, they can serve many useful functions. Since they are canopies and not actual tents, the sides of the structure are open, which is perfect if you want your guests to be easily able to enter and exit the canopy.  This makes an EZ Up Canopy ideal for the altar, DJ, food line, gift table, or tables where guests will be eating and relaxing between barefoot dances on the grass!   

Our Canopies Are Customizable

Don't forget that an EZ Up canopy from TentsWithLogos.com is also completely customizable.  This means that if you'd like, you can have images of the happy couple on all of the canopies that you use at the celebration.  You can also have meaningful pictures or phrases to really highlight the spirit of the festivities. You can even customize the tent with something simple, like your last name, so that you can use it again and again for all kinds of parties!

So if you want to make your wedding a little more unique, consider having it outside.  And if you do, make sure that you look into an EZ Up Canopy from TentsWithLogos.com!