At this time of year, you’re already looking forward to the next big event for your industry, whether it’s a conference, a trade show, an exposition or even something else.  Of course your business needs to be there and have a great showing. That doesn’t just mean exuberant representatives manning your booth and show stopping swag, either. One of the most powerful ways that you can communicate your brand identity at a busy event is with a colorful banner or an eye-catching custom tent or 10 x 15 canopy from!

At, our team of experts has years of experience creating custom designed tents and canopies in every shape and size. From a  10 x 15 canopy suitable for most events, to a sprawling 40 x 200 foot tent like the VIP tents found at auto races and music festivals, we create your design and produce it in our 40,000 square foot facility right here in the USA.

Instead of using a plain tarp or canvas, invest in a long-lasting 10 x 15 canopy that has your company’s logo on it in bright, eye-catching colors. We are the industry leader in promotional tents, including pop up tents, high peak tents, inflatable dome tents and completely custom tents!
In addition to a 10 x 15 canopy or other tent size, also manufactures other custom items that are great for event marketing and advertising, including banners, flags, signs, billboards, inflatables and more. is part of Promotional Design Group, a firm that has been leading the industry since 1990. From our new California facility, we ship our custom branded products to our clients around the world. Each tent or 10 x 15 canopy we create comes with a three year warranty that stands as a sign of our commitment to creating products with longevity and quality.

For a quote on a 10 x 15 canopy, contact our Sales team today. We’re looking forward to helping you make a fantastic impression!